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It’s always something I wanted to do with L’Oreal was combine what I do with what they do because it makes sense. I wear L’Oreal products when I’m performing or when I need to keep a hairstyle in place so everything just seemed to make sense that we married the two.

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"It’s not that I don’t want to see you, not really. It’s that somehow, when I’m away from you for a while, I’m okay, like I’m starting to accept that we’ll never be together. It’s when I see you again that all the longing comes back in full force." — (via demurelyme)

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They told me not to get my hopes up

They all warned me that
the second time always bites the hardest

But me, being the
foolish and awestruck girl I am,
ignored their constant worries.
I knew what I was getting myself into.

Or so I claimed…

I suppose I just assumed my heart
had felt the peak of pain
the first time around.
But love breaks more skin that daggers
and I have a thin pain tolerance.

You dropped me
and I hit hard.
I should’ve known
I was nothing special to you.

" — AveryF || Pain Tolerance
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You've given so much.
-->Graceless Garrison's Bi-Weekly Challenge: Team Free Will

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